Philippe Restaurant Bangkok

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720 Baht ++

Contact Numbers :

022594577   or   022594578

Set Lunch

From The 25 to The 31 May 2020

Grillade de Bœuf, Frites ou Pomme au Four et Salade Verte

Grilled  Beef Steak with French Fries or  Baked Potatoes and Green Salad


Café / Thé


Quiche aux  Epinards et Saumon, Salade

Spinach And Salmon Quiche With Salad


Crème de Légumes du Marché à l'Huile de Noisette

Mixed Vegetable Cream Soup with Hazelnut Oil


Crabe Mou Sauce Tartare et Salade

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Tartar Sauce and Salad


Steak Haché à Cheval, Frites Sauce Vin Rouge

Beef Burger Top pan Fried Egg French Fries and Red Wine Sauce


Parmentier de Canard Confit aux Baies Rouges

Duck Confit Shepherd  Pie with Cranberry Sauce


Filet de Maquereau Sauce Vin Blanc à la Mangue

Mackerel Filet, with White Wine Cream Sauce and Mango


Paccheris au Thon et Encornet à la Tomate

Tuna and Squid Tomatoes Paccheris Pasta


Assiette de Fromages Français

French Cheese Plate


Tarte Tatin et Crème Glacée Vanille

Warm Apple Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream


Maccaron Cream Cheese Framboise

Raspberry Cream Cheese Macaron

Prices are Subject to 10% Service Charge and 7 % VAT  

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